Phillippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Our goal is for our guests to be impacted in such a way that they carry that strength back to their daily lives and encourage others with Jesus’ love and guidance.

We have a strong history of rodeo experience and strategic plan for expanding our operations quickly and strategically. Our programs, services and initiatives will positively influence children, families, veterans and caregivers around the country. And our passionate team is putting one boot in front of the other to make a real difference.

The Challenge

Our world is ever-changing, speeding quickly past the values and heritage that allowed us to see beauty in open fields, a task well-done, or the wisdom of those that got their boots dirty creating what so many take for granted. Anxiety, depression, and suicide are at an all-time high among teens and caregivers. Programs for military wellness remain limited. Christianity proclamation continues to decline in America. We can turn this horse around! Learn more about our mission and see our vision for sharing the life application of ranch living and God’s word.

Our Solution

By offering a world where kids can be inspired and adults can be encouraged, we can continue the legacy of those who shaped our lives. Our programs, services, initiatives and overall approach have the power to improve lives and give our guests a positive experience they can pay forward to the people in their lives creating a broader impact. Learn about our approach and how we help.

Where We Work

4:13 Ranch is located in Dublin, Texas…just south of Stephenville – The Cowboy Capital of the World and Tarleton University. This allows us to collaborate with the community to enrich our programs to the greatest extent. We welcome you to get involved no matter where you are.