You can eat, sleep, and breathe roping, but if you don’t love it, you are wasting your time. ^ Things may come to those who wait in the box, but only the things left by those who hustle. ^ Barriers were made to be broken. ^ Every second counts. ^ All men rope great in their dreams. Reality, just narrows the competition. ^ There can be two thousand teams at a roping, but you are only competing against yourself. ^ You are only as good as the partners you rope with. ^ Friendship is one of God’s greatest gifts. The other is a good horse. ^ Relationships are like practice pens. They prepare you for the rodeo run. ^. You can learn a lot from a dummy. ^ Money isn’t everything. It’s just the only thing that pays the entry fees. ^ incentive is the soul of success. ^ Sometimes you’ve got to rope against the wind. ^ Gloves protect us from getting hurt. If only we could put them on our hearts. ^ Nobody’s perfect except God (but He was never a team roper). ^ Just when you think that no one could ever be more proud of that last run, look up in the stands. ^ The drive home is always longer. ^ The true rewards come after the silver and gold have tarnished. Memories never fade.

-Brandy Gray 1996 Dally Times

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