This is for the girl who learns to leave all of her insecurities in the dirt when she steps into the saddle. “As a young girl, my confidence grew immeasurable from being on a horse. There, it didn’t matter what was said at school, what I was or wasn’t good at, or what fears I had about the future. I was able to just concentrate on what was ahead of me in the arena. Our hope is that young women can then connect that experience to being in the presence of God, being moved by His words above all others.” (Brandy Gray, 4:13 Ranch)

“This is for the boy who finally opens up at the campfire about how much he needs God in his life. It’s been said that “if a boy has a rope in one hand and a pair of reigns in the other, he can’t get into much trouble.” As much truth is there is to that, we want our boys camp guests to take back home an understanding of what it is to be defined as a Christ-following young man through his actions. These boys will get out of their seats, get dirty and get an education in being men of Christ’s character.” (Tony Gray, 4:13 Ranch)

Program Highlights

The goal of 4:13 Youth Camp is to create educational experiences in rodeo heritage linked to biblical lessons including:

  • Horsemanship and the Psychology of Horses
  • Trail Rides
  • Tying Calves
  • Personal Reflection Time
  • Recreational Activities including fishing and archery
  • Roping Dummies from Horseback
  • Team Riding Games
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Building Lifelong Friendships
  • “The Fair” Farm-friendly Free Play
  • Engaging Guest Speakers


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Details to come


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Session One

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Session Two

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Brandy Gray

Director of Strategic

If you’re interested in learning more about our youth program for your church group or an individual, please call or email.